Jackson King

Jackson King is a cultural troublemaker, writer, and journalist. As a Bajan-Jamaican, a trans man, a bisexual, and a BDSM practitioner born in ‘babylon’ (Britain), his work aims to build and destroy. Disrupting empire logics, cisheteropatriarchy and the politics of purity – while nurturing Black, queer and kink-affirming cultures. Whether penning a personal essay, political commentary, or the erotic, he seeks to provoke more pleasurable, liberated worlds into being.

King’s work spans from print and online media to public speaking and podcasting, with appearances across the BBC, The Guardian, The iPaper, PinkNews, Metro, Dope Black Queers, Gender Reveal and more. He’s also the founding editor of Irresistible Damage (a magazine for queer trans men) and author of TESTOSTEROTICA (a trans erotica newsletter).

Kerry-Ann Bentley