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DK Life triumphs in five-way auction for ‘extraordinary’ book on climate action by Loach

DK Life has landed a “highly engaging and accessible” book on climate action by activist and podcaster Mikaela Loach in a five-way auction.

Marleigh Price, acquisitions editor, bought UK and Commonwealth rights to It’s Not That Radical!: Climate Action to Transform Our World, from Kemi Ogunsanwo of The Good Literary Agency. It will publish on 6th April 2023, just ahead of Earth Day.

Loach has been named by Forbes as one of the most influential women in the UK climate movement. She works on climate justice and the intersections of anti-racism, feminism, wealth inequality and refugee rights. In 2021, she took the UK government to court over the tax breaks afforded to oil and gas companies. She is also a fourth-year medical student who holds a degree in global health policy and is co-host of the award-winning “Yikes Podcast”.

The publisher described It’s Not That Radical! as “an accessible, powerful and galvanising book that shines a light on the need for a truly intersectional approach to climate action, while also empowering readers to participate in the fight for climate justice”.

The Good
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The Good Literary Agency was founded in 2018 explicitly to represent British authors from backgrounds under-represented in UK publishing including writers of colour, working class, disability, LGBTQ and anyone else who feels they or their stories are under-represented.

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