Teeth in the Back of my Neck

Monika Radojevic

An arresting debut collection about identity, ancestry and history, from a young poet selected as an inaugural winner of the #Merky Books New Writers’ Prize, dedicated to discovering the best writers of a new generation.

Written with profound depth and insight, the poems in Teeth in the Back of My Neck explore the joys, the confusions and the moments of sadness behind having one’s history scattered around the globe – and the way in which your identity is always worn on your skin, whether you like it or not.

Bristling with tension and beautifully realised, Monika Radojevic’s impressive debut collection is an introduction to one of the most exciting and impressive poets of her generation.

Media Reviews

This is a courageous, arresting debut from a poet to watch. – Independent

This book is stunning – Catherine Mayer

Monika Radojevic’s poems grapple with the intersections of race and womanhood with a bite fitting of this debut’s title; her ability to weave gut-punching honesty with arresting imagery makes for a standout collection[…] Radojevic is no doubt a poet with a bright futureand Teeth in the Back of My Neck is a testament to the powerful things she has to say. An assertive and enthralling collection of poetry. – The Skinny

Radojevic writes with an uncompromising fierceness, provocation and dedication to the physical body which acts as her most authentic, intuitive medium of expression. She offers with this collection a vital contribution to literature at a time when women’s voices urgently need to be heard. – HUCK

Radojevic’s interrogation of the status quo … is not just interesting, it is agitating. – Bad Form