Important changes to our submissions process

Over the last two years we have seen our submissions increase by nearly 50% each year. We are so proud and happy that so many writers are finding us and choosing to submit to us, but it has added significantly to our workload. We are committed to read and give feedback to every submission we receive, and knowing how stressful an experience it is for writers like to do so as fast as possible.
We have therefore devised a new submissions process that we will be trialling for three months this summer during June, July and August.
Our submissions will be open from the 1st to the 15th of each month. They will then close till the end of the month and reopen the following month. We believe this will enable us to respond to everyone must faster, even if we receive as many submissions in those 15 days as we would normally do over the entire month. So for example if you submit to us in June you can expect to receive a response by the end of July at the latest.
For June, as it is Pride Month, we will be keeping submissions open for LGBTQ+ writers for the whole month.
Submissions open: Tuesday 1 – Tuesday 15
Submissions closed EXCEPT FOR LGBTQ+ WRITERS: Wednesday 16 – Wednesday 30
Submissions open: Thursday 1 – Thursday 15
Submissions closed: Friday 16 – Saturday 31
Submissions open: Sunday 1 – Sunday 15
Submissions closed: Monday 16 – Tuesday 31
During August we will review this process and announce how submissions will work from September onwards.

Please read down for our submissions guidelines

We are incredibly excited to read your work, so we would like you to read our guidelines carefully before you submit.

We have developed them to ensure that we can see as much of the potential in your writing and ideas as possible and not get too bogged down in the practical side of handling lots of submissions.

What we are looking for


You can send us anything you want, all we ask is that it is as good as you think you can make it right now. There’s a cliché in publishing but it’s very true, “We don’t know what we’re looking for until we see it”. There are some things we are particularly looking for at the moment and also some tips we have if you’re writing in particular areas that might help your book really catch our eye.


We are always looking for great literary fiction that changes how we think and beautiful general/reading group fiction that we can just lose ourselves in the characters and stories.


Crime and Thriller
Contemporary Love Stories
Family Sagas
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Historical Romance

Scroll down for general guidelines or click for more specific guidelines on fiction submissions here.


We consider proposals for big-hitting, non-fiction subjects like history, science, economics and politics as well as more popular subjects like self-help, lifestyle, pop culture, technology and travel.


History & Science
Nature Writing & Natural History
Poetry & Essays
Travel and Adventure Writing
Personal Memoir

See below for general guidelines or click for more specific guidelines on non-fiction submissions here.

Children’s & Young Adult

We are looking for stories for children and young adults that challenge and change the way that we think and represent the diversity of young people’s experiences. We are not currently taking open submissions for picture books or illustrated books. This is simply because it is a very specialist area and not one we are as experienced as we would need to be to represent writers in this area.


We are looking for stories for readers age 8 and upwards, the novel can be the first in an intended series or a standalone. We’d love to see characters that we haven’t seen before in ever-popular genres such as adventure stories, fantasy, spy stories and any plots that will fuel children’s imaginations. We are as interested in stories that grapple with the social realities of young people’s lives as we are with more fantastical tales. Humour is always appealing, but we are also receptive to stories that address more serious aspects of childhood.


As the majority of children’s non-fiction is illustrated we are aware this is an area where we are very limited in what we will consider. We would still love to see original and diverse takes on popular themes such as emotional intelligence, inspirational memoir and practical self-help.

Adult Non-Fiction

. Ideas from journalists, academics, experts and professionals writing within their field
. Personal memoirs
. Biographies
. Essay collections
. Ideas for popular non-fiction books where you think you are the perfect person

Adult Fiction

. All genres
. Short story collections
. Graphic novels

Though we do represent some poets we do not at this point accept poetry submissions. We are very interested in poets who wish to write long-form work.

Children or Young Adults

. Fiction & Non-fiction
. All age ranges

Though we do represent some illustrated books we do not at this point accept illustrated or picture book submissions.