We're sorry but our submissions are now closed till 1 February 2019.

This is so that we can get through our backlog.

In our first week we received 120 submissions. It's now been 6 months and we've received nearly 600. We have nearly 150 unread and we think it's unfair on everyone to keep taking submissions whilst we still have so many to get through.

We are committed to properly reading every single submission and to responding to everyone with feedback. Different submissions take different lengths of time to read but if you presume an average of 3 hours per submission that's 1800 hours of reading which is no mean feat for a small team to get through!

When we re-open our submissions we're going to make some changes that we hope will make it easier for us to efficiently read and evaluate submissions.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us on

NOTE: We closed submissions on Friday 23 November. If it's 24 or 25 November and you're here intending to submit, having just got everything you need ready, and are really disappointed you can't, then you can still email us your submission to