Dr. Leanne Levers

Dr. Leanne Levers is a political scientist and human rights advocate. Her first book Decolonising Restorative Justice: A Case of Policy Reform (Routledge, 2023) investigates the intricacies of restorative justice and calls for a contextualised approach to policy making. Having spent her formative years in Jamaica, she set out on a nomadic journey that moved her across the US, Caribbean, and the UK where she completed her doctoral studies that sought to address intersecting issues, such as justice reform, health and development, and gender equality. 

In 2019, Dr. Levers co-founded Dope Black Women, a thriving community platform that has effectively fostered support and networking opportunities for over 25,000 Black women worldwide. She co-hosts the Dope Black Women Podcast weekly, which continues to serve as a beacon of empowerment and community engagement.

Kerry-Ann Bentley