Franchesca Liauw

Franchesca Liauw is half Chinese and half Puerto Rican and was raised in Singapore. She has a PhD in creative writing from Brunel University, where she wrote a memoir and critical accompaniment focusing on postmemory and its effects on relationships within a family, specifically in South East Asia. Before this, she attained a Master of Arts from the University of Kent and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tufts University. Her work has been published in Mslexia, Esquire and SWAMP magazine. In 2021, Franchesca was shortlisted for the Future Worlds Prize for her novel, the first in a trilogy she is currently developing. In 2023, her poetry was shortlisted and longlisted for the Plaza Prose Poetry prize and the inaugural Prose Poem prize, respectively. When she’s not writing, you can find her baking, drawing or indulging in her favourite JRPG.

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