The Promise of Rain

Vasundra Tailor

A treasured necklace that could unlock a family mystery. But why has it been hidden away for sixty years?

With her thirtieth birthday on the horizon, Anna Kotze has accepted that there are some family secrets she’ll never know. While her mother’s Zimbabwean roots are woven into her life, all her father will say is that he was adopted. But when she finds an engraved necklace hidden among his things, a surprise piece of the puzzle finally falls into place: her father wasn’t just adopted―he was abandoned.

The only clue to her grandmother’s identity is the inscription, ‘Indira’, Anna’s own middle name. But who was her namesake and where is she now?

Anna knows she must do whatever it takes to find answers. But when clues finally begin to emerge between the thunderstorms of Zimbabwe and the monsoons of India, she realises the necklace could take her deeper than she imagined. Is she ready for what she might find? And will the truth finally chase away the dark clouds hanging over her family’s past?

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