malakaï sargeant

malakaï is an artist, educator, and producer from pre-gentrified north-east London. They create and interrogate through an unapologetically Afroqueer lens, doing bits in the spaces between literature, audio, installation, theatre & live performance.

Their writing is often non-linear, employing unconventional forms that disrupts notions of time and space; orbiting around ideas of creolisation, Black interiority, hood surrealism and magic within carceral geographies. 

malakaï is Co-Creative Director of Afrodiasporic literary arts agency BORN::FREE and has previously been commissioned by the RSC, Apples & Snakes, the Royal Court Theatre and Nationwide. They actively work to enhance the landscape of experimental poetry and subversive new writing for the page and performance. They almost completed an MA in Black British Literature and DJ under the name anxious.selecta.

Kerry-Ann Bentley