Radhika Holmström

Radhika Holmström is a London-based journalist, who has written for national
broadsheets including the Telegraph and the Guardian, as well as for specialist
and trade publications of all kinds, and she co-wrote a textbook on teaching
and diversity. She grew up mostly in England but also partly in Bangalore, India,
where her mother was from, and has a BA in English from the University of
Oxford and an MA from the University of Warwick. She’s also run the
communications for different charities including Mencap and Centrepoint,
before deciding she was tired of telling journalists what they should be writing
and would rather be a journalist and writer herself. Radhika is fascinated by
the lives of women who, like her, are mixed-race but white enough to ‘pass’
and is currently writing two linked novels set in early nineteenth-century

Photo Credit: Nic Holman

Amandeep Singh