Koushik Banerjea

Koushik Banerjea is the author of two novels, both written while still the sole carer for his late mother: Another kind of Concrete (Jacaranda, 2020) and Category Unknown (London Books, 2022). His short stories have appeared in: Salvation in Stereo, Minor Literatures, Verbal, Writers Resist, The Good Journal and in the crime fiction anthologies: Shots in the Dark and Shots in the Dark II. He has had poems published in Razur Cuts magazine and online in House of Poetry magazine. He deejayed as one half of ‘The Shirley Crabtree Experience’ and has also previously worked as a youth worker, journalist and academic. Following various stints travelling and working abroad he has come back each time like a homing pigeon to the London borough of Lewisham. He was born in London where he still lives.

Kerry-Ann Bentley