Dominique Palmer

Dominique Palmer is a Climate Justice Activist, writer, and
graduate of Political Science and International Relations in the
U.K. She is part of Climate Live, and a founding member of
the Youth Climate Justice Fund.

Her work focuses on intersectional and equitable climate
action, making environmentalism inclusive, slow fashion,
harnessing creative means to communicate the climate crisis,
and finding joy through uniting.

Palmer is a winner of the prestigious Planetary Health Award,
and in 2023, was honoured as a ‘Young Leader’ at the Green
Carpet Fashion Awards. She was also named in Forbes 2020
Top U.K Environmentalists List for her work.

She was named one of the U.K’s most high profile youth
activists on Sky News, and has featured in major publications
including British Vogue, DAZED, the Sunday Times Style, and
Global Citizen.

Kerry-Ann Bentley