The Mismatch

Sara Jafari

Soraya knows she could never fall for someone like Magnus. He’s her complete opposite in every way.

Popular and confident, Magnus seems to have his life figured out, while Soraya has got to twenty-one and has somehow never been kissed.

Soraya’s mother Neda also knows what it’s like to feel mismatched. She left Iran with her husband in the wake of revolution, and the aftershocks of that decision are still being felt decades later.

When Soraya sets her sights on Magnus for her first kiss, the last thing she expects to find is first love.

But sometimes the person you least expect might turn out to be the perfect fit . . .

With unforgettable characters at its heart, THE MISMATCH is a pitch-perfect coming-of-age story and a fresh take on how what you think you want isn’t always what brings you happiness.

Media Reviews

I loved [The Mismatch] – original, thought-provoking and gripping. I was hooked from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. ― Libby Page
The Mismatch transported me back to that feeling of first love and first heartbreak. Enlightening, poignant and romantic – I loved it ― Sophie Cousens, author of This Time Next Year
Enlightening, profound and deeply moving . . . a powerful love and life story of past and present Iranian experiences in the UK, and about finding a place in the world. Beautiful writing and complex, fascinating characters ― Helly Acton, author of The Shelf
Contemporary, bold and fresh and captures [the] weirdness of not knowing what you want ― Huma Qureshi, author of How We Met
A refreshing and engaging coming-of-age story centring a complex, relatable British-Iranian woman straddling two worlds and her search for identity, sense of self, and love, juxtaposed against her mother’s own experiences navigating the societal expectations and familial pressures placed on young women in 1970s Iran. Sara Jafari is a compelling new voice in contemporary fiction. ― Lauren Ho, author of Last Tang Standing

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